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South Africa during the time of Apartheid - Erlebnisse aus der Zeit vor dem Umbruch Photo-Multimedia Show in Easy English - A 2/B 1

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South Africa at the time before Nelson Mandela was freed and became the new president - what was it like to live in a country with open segregation? The author worked there during this time over a total of 9 months and also hitchhiked across the country from Pretoria to Capetown as well as along the Gardenroute through the "Transkei" to Durban. He experienced a "Kraal" (native village) and had many discussions with native "Boers" (Buren). We will see so-called "Minedances", visit a goldmine, the "Big Hole" in Kimberley and of course enjoy the fantastic nature and wildlife in the parks including one in Swasiland. Historical references will help to get a good grip on the radical changes the country experienced in order to understand today's situation. The photos will speak for themselves. Clear, understandable English will also help a less experienced audience to follow.

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